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by Mohamed Mostafa
ISIS members while beheading a man in Iraq.

ISIS members while beheading a man in Iraq.

(IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – Islamic State militants have beheaded some fighters in central Mosul for “delinquency” during the ongoing battles with Iraqi troops and Shia militias seeking to liberate the city, Alsumaria News reported on Sunday.

Alsumaria news stated, “The extremist group, infamous for heinous executions of its local opponents as well as foreign workers and journalists in Iraq, executed seven of its members for fleeing battlefields in Kokajli, west of Mosul.”

“The so-called legislative court affiliated with the group sentenced them to death for delinquency,” Alsumaria revealed.

“Those elements were laid to the ground, with their hands and legs cuffed at one of ISIS quarter in central Mosul. Their heads were cut with blunt knives,” said Alsumaria, adding that the executioners deemed the convicts “infidels”.

ISIS militants have suffered huge losses in their battles with Iraqi troops and allied Shia militias seeking to drive out the group from its last stronghold in Iraq in an operation that set on mid October.