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The US should be rebuilding the houses they destroyed in Syria which has led to the Syrians to flee their country and seek refuge elsewhere.

Bill Clinton has the nerve to suggest that Syrians should rebuild homes in Detroit because it is bankrupt, so solve the refugee crises.

The hypocrisy of the US, we destroyed your country now you can come and rebuild our. I hope that Syria sues the US for billions for all the destruction and killings they have done in Syria illegally. They think they can get away with it by using the terrorist army they created. Hillary Clinton, Robert Ford and John McCain have openly said repeatedly in the media that they supported the FSA which eventually grew into ISIS.

They actively created a group of terrorists which is made up of jihad mercenaries from all around the world. Killers who were recruited because of the lies that were put out over the mainstream media.

The US cannot be allowed to get away with what they have done.