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They wanted to lift the siege on their terrorists in Eastern Aleppo; they brought terrorists from over 80 nationality, they gathered them from all over the world.

They trained them, equipped them and provided them with ever support possible.

They attack thinking they will save the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo, but they were faced by the Syrian Arab Armed Forces and their Allies, they were defeated, they were killed, their skulls were crushed, their bodies were burned, and they were introduced to hell itself.

We told you the terrorists in Aleppo will be made an example of, and they were. Many gunmen all over Syria reached out for the Syrian command to discuss a possible deal after they saw what happened to the terrorists who attack South Western Aleppo and attempted to make route to Eastern Aleppo.

Make no mistake, the Syrian people never asked for mercy, and the Syrian Arab Armed Forces will never show foreign terrorists any mercy.

فإذا بلغ الفطام لنا صبيٌّ … تَخِرُّ له الجبابرُ ساجدينا
Syrian Arab Army