Crimes Against Humanity


Turkish Security Forces have captured 2 YPG terrorists in Sirnak, Turkey coming from Europe, Chezh Republic to join the PKK’s offshoot organisation in Syria. They were captured while trying to pass the border.

Their names announced as Miroslav Farkas (Alies “Serxwebun Botan”) and Marketa Vselichova (Alies “Zelane Botan”). On their first statement they said German, French and American Special Forces are training them before joining the terrorist organisation.

They added “Since 2015 which we joined the training program and YPG, we saw a great support from Europe and USA to PKK/YPG groups on training, logistics, medical care, militant supply, etc… And many of these supports, guns and bombs were used against Turkish Republic, Turkish Citizens or Turkish Soldiers. Syrian Civil War was used as an excuse to support PKK/YPG against Turkish Republic.”


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