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by Alex Christoforou

Barack Obama, on his final visit to Europe, spoke with characteristic detachment that proves why his legacy is one of failure, disappointment, wars.
Right now you have a very fake liberal progressive left protesting the US election victory of Donald Trump. The people protesting violently in the streets of the US are a combination of Soros paid agitators and clueless social justice warriors who are crying about possibly having their safe spaces taken away.

Jimmy Dore, while I do not agree with many of his progressive left views, when it comes to various foreign policy issues he hits a lot nails on the head.

In this video Dore absolutely destroys US President Barack Obama’s recent speech while in Germany, and subsequently destroys President Barack Obama, the man and the legacy.

“This guy [Obama] is such a fucking failure.”

“We are in more wars than we were in when he got into office. This is what we’re left with in America, two parties of war, two parties of wall street, two parties of fossil fuels…and this motherfucker’s got the balls to go tell people we are living in a peaceful world, at the same time he’s bombing seven different countries.”

“The world is in peril, and could this guy [Obama] be any more sleepier?”