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Aleppo, SANA – A new group of locals, mostly women and children, who are besieged in the eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo city managed on Tuesday to leave through the humanitarian corridors opened by the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian forces.

After the families arrived safely and were welcomed by Aleppo Governor, SANA reporter in the city talked to some of them, who spoke of the severe deprivation of the basic livelihood needs that was inflicted upon them by the terrorist gangs, including food, bread and medicines.

They pointed out that they had tried several times to leave the eastern neighbourhoods when the humanitarian pause was announced and the corridors were opened, but were prevented by the terrorists from leaving the area until they finally managed to escape and reach the nearest checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army.

Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab stressed that all needs have been provided to the arriving families and other locals who fled the eastern neighbourhoods, adding that it is the state’s responsibility and duty to look after those people.

Two days earlier, a group of people from the eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo were able to leave them, fleeing the terrorist organisations were had been preventing them from escaping through the humanitarian corridors.

Over the past few days, hundreds of locals in the eastern neighbourhoods took to the streets protesting against the terrorist organisations and demanding their departure from their areas.

Takfiri terrorist groups, mostly affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra, Nour Eddin al-Zenki Movement and Ahrar al-Sham Movement have besieged thousands of civilians in the eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo and prevented them from leaving those neighbourhoods, in addition to robbing their foods supplies.

H. Zain/ H. Said