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Convicted criminal spreading propaganda for a terrorist group in the name of SOHR

There are two easy ways of spotting fake news on the mainstream media. Number one is the source and number two is the use of the word ‘allegedly’, covers a multitude of lies on the news. They also end the segment with ‘cannot be verified’.

Any news story showing the so called ‘White Helmets’ or their logo in the corner of the screen, is obviously fake. When Al Qaeda/Al Nursra took over areas in Syria, they killed the  REAL Syria Civil Defence, which was established as an organisation, in 1953, some 63 years before the White Helmets were a glimmer in the eyes of CIA and MI6 operatives and stole all their equipment. They were then re-branded as the ‘White Helmets’, which only operate in terrorist occupied areas. Syrians living in Government controlled areas, don’t even know they exist.

Yet if you try and google the Real Syria Civil Defence all you will get is White Helmet photos. They media is really got it covered to brainwash you that terrorism is a good thing.

This is a real car bomb attack in Homs

Now Google ‘Car Bombs in Syria’ to get images of real attacks by the terrorists. You will not see a single ‘White Helmet’ in any of the images. If you compare all the images on both the searches you will learn what is real and what is fake. You will learn how to immediately know when the media is showing the fake films.

You will never see ‘White Helmets’ in genuine news footage of terrorist attacks in Syria.

When the mainstream media show these fake films, it means they are working on behalf of the terrorists, showing their propaganda. Does nobody ever ask why the mainstream media are supporting the terrorists?

Most of the fake films do not show any women, just men, children and one elderly woman who have all been shown in multiple so called government attacks.

Convicted criminal spreading propaganda for a terrorist group in the name of SOHR

Terrorist leader of SOHR

In the written media, look for the source of the story, which almost always comes from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which like the ‘White Helmets’ are Al Qaeda propaganda tools. From the SOHR the stories are sent out to Reuters and the mainstream media. Remember when the news was smothered with stories that Palmyra had been destroyed? Well every single one of these stories originated from SOHR and there was not a single story to confirm that this happened from any other source. Of course we all know that after two years of lies, we found out that Palmyra was not destroyed because the Syrian Arab Army prevented them getting there. As SOHR was promoting this story so persuasively, it proves that they knew the intentions of ISIS before it happened. We have witnessed this on several occasions since the start of the war. There were no genuine photos of ISIS in Palmyra at all, only photoshopped photos and green screen videos.

Palmyra aside, the mainstream media continue to show the fake films of the terrorists. Just today the New York Times have just published a story with a ‘White Helmet’ photograph and the story’s source is SOHR, so it is not even worth reading, as you can be sure there is not an ounce of truth in the story.

The SOHR put out a propaganda story and all of the worlds mainstream media pick it up. Yet the real stories of the day are totally ignored. For example there has been no news about the Turkish army attacking the Syrian army, even though this could possibly lead to a world war. Erdogan is provoking Assad into attacking Turkey, after NATO have previously declared that any country attacking Turkey, a NATO country will have serious consequences. In reality, would NATO risk a world war against Russia and it’s allies to protect Turkey?

The FAKE mainstream media news has been showing propaganda films since the start of the Syrian War. The propaganda and lies, was a call to arms for all Jihadists from around the world to go and fight in Syria and it worked.

The US expected Syria to fall quickly, like Syria, but of course this didn’t happen and now the lies are coming out.

The BBC used Danny Dayem for their propaganda, before he was caught out on his lies.

This was followed by CNN blowing up a pipeline in Syria for a story and who could forget all the fake beheadings by ISIS that were fabricated.

The first beheading the microphone was showing, so by the second one they made sure it was hidden, but then forget to fix the lighting which showed shadows in the wrong place and they continued and were obviously fake.



Now that the Mainstream media are being caught out for their lies they are trying to get those exposing the truth shut down. Common sense and logic will tell you what is real and what is fake. It is easy to do the research and find out for yourself.