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Report: Terrorists to Leave Damascus' Al-Tal Town Soon
TEHRAN (FNA)- Informed sources disclosed on Tuesday that the Syrian army and peace committees of the town of al-Tal have struck an agreement according to which the government troops will stop targeting the terrorists there after the army receives a list of the militants who are planning to lay down their arms and leave the town.

The agreement comes as the terrorists affiliated to al-Nusra Front (that has recently changed name to Fatah al-Sham Front) have already violated the ceasefire in al-Tal town and the Syrian army has targeted their military positions and made further advances in the region.

Terrorists in al-Tal in the Northern parts of Damascus gave in to the Syrian government’s terms for a peace plan that would include their surrender or relocation from the town after people staged massive protest rallies against them and the army laid siege on the town.

The reconciliation committee in al-Tal town declared that militants reached an agreement with the Syrian government on Saturday, calling on the protesting residents to return to their homes.

Based on the agreement, the terrorist groups will leave the town, carrying their light weapons, and others who seek to stay in al-Tal will be pardoned once they lay down arms. Also, the roads linking al-Tal and other regions will reopen again.

In recent days, a large number of civilians took to the streets in the town of al-Tal and called on the militants to join the peace agreement with the Syrian government or leave the town.

The demonstrators gathered in front of Jameh (grand) mosque in the town and chanted slogans against the militant groups, including “No to War and Yes to Peace” and called for the complete pullout of the militants from their town.

The interesting point was that the protestors’ security was protected by a number of militants who are willing to surrender themselves to the government.

The Syrian army troops started their offensive on terrorists’ positions in al-Tal and advanced significantly against the militants, laying siege on the town.

A field source said last Friday that the army gave the Fatah al-Sham Front a final ultimatum to fully surrender areas under their control in Northern Damascus.

“The army soldiers have completely encircled the small town of al-Tal and they are currently awaiting orders to storm Fatah al-Sham’s positions deployed there if the terrorists do not surrender,” the source said.

A delegation from the army met with the commanders of Fatah Al-Sham to discuss the terms of surrender.

Based on previous deals, the Syrian Army’s High Command will likely offer amnesty or relocation of the terrorists to Idlib in exchange for surrendering the town; this was the case for Al-Qodsiyeh and al-Hamah, Khan al-Sheih, Elhamiyah and many others.