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by Jonathan Azaziah

Something miraculous is happening in eastern Aleppo. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have already liberated more than 60% of the area and are moving–incredibly fast, to be clear–towards taking the remaining 40% before year’s end. They’ve already regained numerous ultra-strategic districts, namely Sakhour, Hanano and Tariq al-Bab–which gives them full control over the road to Aleppo International Airport and which connects the east and west axes of the city–and despite losing the key district of Sheikh Sa’eed after briefly freeing it, fierce fighting is ongoing and it should return to the hands of Resistance forces imminently. As Iran and Russia advise and oversee, reinforcements from the SAA’s mighty 4th Mechanized Division and the Republican Guard as well as Hizbullah, Palestinian paramilitary group Liwa Al-Quds and Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba and Kata’ib Hizbullah are on the way to mount what can be deemed the most important offensive of the entire war: The final push into the remaining pockets of east Aleppo still under terrorist occupation, an operation that will liberate the city in its entirety.

The Mad Takfiri Tyrant Erdogan attempted to change the game by declaring his forces were in Syria to oust democratically elected President Bashar al-Assad but was immediately reprimanded and put back in his place like a misbehaved puppy by Vladimir Putin. Zionist Jew John Kerry (real name: Kohn) has been frantically campaigning behind the scenes for a ceasefire and Russia, while paying him diplomatic lip service, continues supporting the SAA’s progression at all levels. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE are all throwing their blood-and-oil-stained hands up in the air in disbelief as they realize all the anti-aircraft missiles and other armaments they sent to their proxies in September and October have had no effect on the Mouqawamah Storm. The usurping Zionist entity launched air strikes on Damascus a few days ago to distract from Aleppo as well as the near collapse of the Wahhabi mercenaries in the Damascus countryside, but failed to get the SAA to take the bait. In other words, the enemies of Syria all know what’s about to happen and despite their continued collective freak-out, they finally realize they are out of options. It has hit them, smack dab in the jaw, that they’re defeated and Aleppo will be restored to whom it ACTUALLY belongs: Syria’s people, army and government.

In the midst of the SAA’s light-speed advance, the most criminal lies of the Zionist media have been stripped naked; stripped raw down to the bone actually. Photo after photo, video after video, report after report, the civilians of eastern Aleppo aren’t shouting the vitriolic vocal equivalent of acid at the Syrian Arab Army and the “Alawite Regime Of Dictator Ibn Dictator”. Instead, like the Sunni and Assyrian Christian Iraqis of Mosul, the Syrians of Halab’s east have run TOWARDS Syria’s brave defenders, thrown sweets at them, hugged them, kissed them, cheered for them, thanked them and applauded them, all whilst chanting slogans of support for the Syrian government and holding up pictures of their resistant president. Families are being reunited, husbands are greeting their wives, parents are embracing their sons and daughters, friends are hailing the end of the separation, and Halabis of all ethno-sectarian backgrounds are of the belief, for the first time in five years, that their city will be free. Vice, CNN, Fox, Sky, Al-Jazeera, the NYT, WaPo and all the usual suspects are shamelessly describing what is clearly utter jubilation as a “holocaust” and “hell”.

To this end, the despicable, deceptive, demonic persons comprising the Disinformation Hive Mind known as the mainstream media, who should also be referred to as the Fake News Makers, have pulled out all the stops. They’ve played the “last hospital” card. They’ve even laughably and hysterically–adverbs deliberately chosen for effect, obviously– the “last clown in Aleppo has been killed” card. And yes, they played the “Lord have mercy, will someone think of the children!” card too with the swift rise and fall of the “Bana Alabed (@AlAbedBana)” Twitter account. Pro-Syria social media activists have made damning memes showing just how many times that International Zionism’s press has trotted out the “last hospital in Aleppo” line. The numbers reach dozens, possibly even hundreds. It’s astonishing. In fact, if we had a nickel–or rather, since this is an ‘Israeli’-designed hasbara blitz we’re debunking here, a shekel–every time “last hospital in Aleppo” flashed across the news wires, all the activists who stand with the Syrian government would be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

As for the “last clown in Aleppo”, who has now been renamed the “clown of Aleppo” because even the MSM who created this non-story in the first place realized how thoroughly absurd that “last” sounded in the bylines, his name is Anas al-Basha. He lived in the Mashhad area, which has been controlled at various times by Jaysh al-“Islam” (run by Saudi Arabia), Harakat Noureddine al-Zinki (funded and armed by the CIA) and Jabhat al-Nusra (backed to the hilt by Turkey’s MIT). How would a man in make-up be able to run around a region under intolerant, murderous Wahhabi-Takfiri rule without receiving lashes at best or being killed at worst? Zionist media described him as a “social worker”, which, like “rescue worker” à la the White Helmets (aka Al-Qaeda’s Soros-US-UK-funded cleanup crew), has become a euphemism in the Orwellian Western “journalist” lexicon on Syria for “terrorist” and/or “terrorist supporter”. This one couldn’t be more obvious to debunk: Either Anas al-Basha doesn’t exist and the story is a desperate, DESPERATE propaganda ploy by the mass media to stave off truthful coverage on the victorious Syrian Arab Army’s advance, or he’s a mercenary in one of the three aforementioned terrorist factions and the “clown” gig is just a cover.

Perhaps the real “clown of Aleppo” isn’t al-Basha but the “Bana Alabed” Twitter user, as the hasbara is just downright comedic. The account quite literally popped up out of nowhere (red flag 1), got verified by Twitter almost immediately through the US State Department even though there is no US embassy in Syria (red flag 2), has received support from high-profile Hollywood celebrities such as “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling (red flag 3) and it reads like a what’s what of every lame hasbara theme on Syria meticulously picked apart over the years (red flag 4 and red nail in the coffin). While the Twitter feed is conducted in near-perfect English, Youtube videos of Bana show a little girl barely capable of stringing an English sentence together… And she’s reading off cue cards! And with tweets like this one, “Dear world, it’s better to start 3rd world war instead of letting Russia & Assad commit #HolocaustAleppo”, you really have to ask who exactly is running the show here. Some have compared “Bana Alabed” to “Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari” aka “Gay Girl In Damascus”, a fictional character who turned out to be by a White American living in Edinburgh, Scotland named Tom MacMaster and while linkage has never been concretely established, he most likely was/is an asset/agent of CIA/MI6/Mossad. With that said, there is a much more apt comparison to make.

In March 2011, just before the birth of the “regime change” plot in Syria and the beginning of NATO’s genocidal aggression against Libya, USCENTCOM purchased software from a murky cyber security firm called Ntrepid which allowed its operatives to run multiple fake online identities, complete with fallacious backgrounds, supporting details and IP address masking functionality too. Accounts like “EnoughGaddafi”, “Feb17Libya” and “ShababLibya” emerged from the wild blue yonder and became instrumental in the information warfare waged on Libya. The usurping Zionist entity’s shadowy Unit 8200 was and is engaged in similar activity vis-a-vis Palestinian activists throughout the occupied West Bank and occupied Al-Quds and considering its heavy-handed criminal role in both Libya and Syria, it most likely played a hand in this digital destabilization also. “Bana Alabed” fits the pattern of the USCENTCOM/Ntrepid/Unit 8200 scheme to the letter. Yes indeed, it would appear that The Monsters went back to “Arab Spring” basics with “Bana Albed”. But like every other tactic they’ve utilized in their conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic, they failed, as the account has been seemingly deleted.

But it gets more propagandistic still. Repeatedly, especially over the last year where there has been so much progress by Resistance Axis troops across Aleppo, the Zionist media has told us that there are 250,000 civilians trapped in Syria’s second city. Numbers have gone as high as 275,000 and 300,000. And yet, as mentioned above, with the Syrian Arab Army’s advancement encompassing 60% of the territory and at least 25 fully liberated districts, only some 10,000-20,000 civilians have been evacuated by the SAA and company. Many areas that Syria’s armed forces, Hizbullah, Liwa Al-Quds and the Iraqi Resistance blasted into were empty. As in, totally. As in, not a soul there but surrendering terrorists. As in, ghost-town-style. The Russian Ministry of Defense says 80,000 civilians have been liberated but even this seems like far too generous of an estimate considering the level of categorical desolation and abandonment discovered by Mouqawamist soldiers upon freeing each of the areas.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that this really is the case though. Does this mean that there are 170,000 civilians remaining in the 40% of eastern Aleppo still illegally held by the head-chopping, human-trafficking, Western-GCC-Zionist-backed Takfiris? Of course not. It is physically and geographically impossible. The conclusion is thus screaming in its flagrancy: The Jewish-dominated corporate press has been lying through its teeth about the number of civilians left in Aleppo to keep a bargaining chip on the table for a possible Libya-Yugoslavia-style R2P (Responsibility To Protect) “humanitarian” intervention–a true suicide mission if there ever was one, as this would put the Empire on a collision course with the entire Axis of Resistance and Putin’s Russia, a collision that the Empire would lose and brutally so. In layman’s terms, the MSM lied. Again. And far, FAR too many people claiming to be “Anti-Imperialist” fell for it. Again.

What we are witnessing in Syria is nothing less than the greatest propaganda campaign in history. It’s beyond the lies about Qadhafi’s Libya. it’s beyond the falsehoods about the Castros’ Cuba. It’s beyond the hysteria over El Comandante Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution. It’s beyond the sleazy trash about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program. It’s beyond the maniacal WMDs pretext that brought forth the destruction of Iraq. It’s even beyond the legerdemain of 9/11. While the mainstream “news” outlets have always been blunt objects used by the Anglo-Zionist Imperium to clobber its way into world domination, the war on Syria may just be the very first war where media was actually the leading weapon in the Washington ZOG’s onslaught. Before Al-Qaeda, before sanctions, before the “anti-ISIS” coalition, before GCC petrodollars, before CIA gun-running operations, the mass press has been directed at Syria with more devastating impact than every cruise missile in America’s arsenal combined and then multiplied by a million.

And Syria, STRIKING STAR SALUTE, has withstood it. From the Daraa graffiti to Hamza al-Khatib, the Houla Massacre to the Qubeir Massacre, the Queiq River Massacre to the Bayda and Baniyas killings, the Ghouta chemical weapons false flag attack to “Assad’s barrel bombs”, “Russian and Iranian Imperialism” to the “last hospital”/”last clown”/”Bana Alabed” drivel of today, Syria has withstood it ALL.

Since 1979, with every victory achieved by the powers of the Resistance Axis, new standards have been set in how to deal with Empire Judaica and defeat it. Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini’s (R.A.) revolution – how to organically depose a tyrant. Hafez al-Assad (R.A.) overcoming the “Muslim” Brotherhood – how to beat an internal insurgency. Hizbullah’s liberation of Lebanon – how to conquer an enemy occupier. Hizbullah prevailing in the July War – how to topple a regional scheme (New Middle East). The Syrian Arab Republic’s impending victory will inaugurate a new precedent – how to beat an externally-orchestrated insurgency AND lay waste to a global media war while you’re at it. As the SAA and its comrades now stand on the precipice of their most important win of all, thoughts and prayers are with these heroes whom humanity owes the greatest of debts. This will be the most important and historic victory over Zio-NATO EVER. And it all begins with Aleppo. Tehran, Hama, Bint Jbeil and Wadi al-Hujeir yesterday. Resilient, gorgeous Aleppo today. You are champions, o’ Syrians! O’ Hizbullahis! O’ Iraqis! O’ Iranians! O’ Russians! Warriors, luminaries, vanquishers, victors and champions! Forward march into the warmth of triumph!