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There were plenty of Peaceful Demonstrations in Support of the President.

There were plenty of Peaceful Demonstrations in Support of the President.

Once upon a time in a country far, far away there was a President who was so loved by his people. They had his photo in their homes and transfers of his image all over their cars. There was not a President in the world that was more loved by his people, than President Assad of Syria.

In many countries people dream of winning the lottery, but in Syria many dreamed that the President would visit their homes. President Assad would visit his citizens un-announced and everyone was dreaming of that knock on their door.

In Syria all religions lived in harmony and is home for thousands of refugees from wars in Iraq and Palestine. Synagogs and Mosques stand side by side and Syrians are not divided by religion. In Syria a Syrian is a Syrian and nobody asks nor cares what religion they are.

Education is free, hospitals are free and life couldn’t be better, but then what happened next is what Obama, Clinton, McCain, Power, Cameron and Hollande and the mainstream media, wants you to believe.

In 2011 President Bashar Al Assad woke up one day and decided he was going to kill all of his subjects that loved him so much.

The first to be killed were the Major Generals of his army, which were killed on their way to work with car bombs. Then he decided to kill all of his special services, by first disarming them and placing snipers on roofs of buildings disguised as terrorists.

He then decided to destroy his own ambulance services by setting fire to tyres in the streets and then killing the police and ambulance drivers who went to the scene.

This was not enough he then decided to destroy all the schools and universities with car bombs. Then the hospitals and police stations, also with car bombs. President Assad must be a crazy man, destroying all the infrastructure of his own country. Of course he is the media kept repeating, he must go.

Basil Raya

Basil Raya

Now it was time to kill government workers. The staff of the post office were taken to the roof of their building and thrown off. Sportsmen who represented Syria also had to be eliminated. Basil Raya a national basketball player was shot in the chest 6 times for representing his country.

President Bashar Al Assad kept repeating that terrorists were killing his people. Oh no said the media, this is a conspiracy theory and laughed at the suggestion that there were terrorists in Syria. No No Assad must go for killing his own people, Hilary Clinton kept repeating.

FSA were showing videos all over the world of themselves killing innocent Syrians and throwing their bodies off a high bridge. They filmed themselves burning churches and mosques. Destroying burial grounds and stealing artefacts. Films were all over the internet of them disguising actors as dead people. So many fake films that were so obviously fake.

No, No, there are no terrorists in Syria only unarmed peaceful protesters the media kept chanting. “Assad must Go” the politicians kept chanting, “he is killing his own people”.

The claims that Assad was killing his own people with his army, that is made up from his own people. This didn’t stop the Syrian people taking to the streets to honour the army that was killing them.

Barrel bombs, barrel bombs, barrel bombs. Every interview with any Syrian official included the dreaded barrel bombs, not just once, but practically in every sentence. You can just imagine the briefing before the interview. “Don’t forget to mention the barrel bombs as much as you can”. The Syrian Arab Army has highly sophisticated bombs and missiles from Russia, but hey, no need to use those, Assad just uses barrel bombs instead. Why use the latest technology when you have BARREL BOMBS. What is the use of any army using high technology missiles when Barrel Bombs are obviously much better according to the media. Why spend millions on defence when these barrel bombs seem to kill a lot more people.

On one hand the media are complaining about the arms that Russia are selling to Syria and then claim that Assad is using Barrel Bombs. If you look at Wikipedia you will see just how many times they were used. What about all of the high powered missiles bought from Russia? Are they just sitting in a warehouse somewhere, because according to the media, Assad has used nothing but Barrel Bombs.


Clinton and Obama maybe the biggest Liars in the US

The President called in the UN to investigate a Chemical Weapon attack on the army. With Chemical Weapon Inspectors in the country, Assad took the opportunity to kill some more of his citizens using chemical weapons.

The Syrian Government were beheading young men on their way to work, dumping the body and then blackmailing the family to get the head back for burial. The price they were asking was around 100,000.

Syrians were being killed for supporting Assad. So when President Assad woke up on that day in 2011, he decided to kill anyone who supported him. This is what the Western Media and the Obama Clan has being telling us for 6 years.

In 2014 there was a general election in Syria, so you would think that this evil man who just wants to kill his army, police, men, women and children, stands no chance of being re-elected.

Well surprise, surprise, was Assad killing all his people in secret? Could the Syrian citizens not know that their beloved President is totally killing all those that support him and destroying the country’s infrastructure. Who could possibly vote for such an evil tyrant, as he is called by Clinton? The President who has killed all his own people and destroyed his country, won the election by a landslide. More popular than any modern day leader in the world. How can this be, are the Syrian people so stupid that they love the man who is killing their family members.

This is the fairy story that Obama, Clinton and the media want you to believe and is repeated in the Mainstream Media. Lies cannot live forever, because the truth always gets out in the end.

The mainstream media and the US Government trying to discredit those who are sharing the truth, will only prove they have something to hide.

Everyone knows that US Presidents are puppets of the Banking System, who kill anyone who stands in their way. The world knows they will try and kill Trump and if they do, it will prove they are capabilities and a world Revolution will start against the bankers. Either way the truth will come out.

Only the really dumb believe in fairy stories.

Julie Cunningham