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Now that the MSN are accusing everyone of FAKE news, to cover up their lies, lets look back at some of the FAKE News the MSM have been telling about Syria for the past 6 years and there is plenty of it.

To start with we will remind you of this story in which CNN blew up a pipeline in Syria in 2012, to blame on the government.

First posted in March 2012

CNN Crew Blow Up Syrian Pipeline To Blame on Government



CNN destroy the pipeline which gives fuel to the Syrian people and then laugh about doing so. Do these people deserve to go to jail? What do you think?

Without CNN the pipeline would not have been destroyed. The Syrian people suffer because of CNN actions. If the media did not show all the terrorists films, innocent people would not have been killed. The media have blood on their hands for every death which has happened in Syria. They should be tried for war crimes, because they are the cause of thousands of deaths.


What would the US call it if a team of journalist went into their country and blew up a pipeline just to make a news story. They would be sent Guantanamo Bay as terrorists, yet it is ok for the US to enter other countries illegally and cause terrorist act.


You can understand now why Syria is against the media being being in the country, when this is how the behave. These three should all be charged with acts of terrorism. The USA started with the war on terror and now the are the ones who are the terrorists. Double standards all round.