Crimes Against Humanity

by Ricky Twisdale

Only two days left to start World War III guys – you better get on the ball.

Siblings in globalist servility

To quote classic American author Herman Melville’s most famous character, “For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

That seems to have been the only discernable purpose of dual incidiary speeches by Vice President Joe Biden and Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, not even 48 hours before their terms in office expire.

Recent Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee Joe Biden (he can hang it next to Obama’s Nobel) managed to sneak in one final foreign trip, jetting off to Davos, Switzerland where the world economic forum is underway. Mr. Biden urged the participants not to forget – since it is, you know, vital to the world’s economy – that Russia is really really bad. And a threat to the world order Biden holds…

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