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Syria’s President Bashar Assad revealed in an interview with Japan’s TBS television that the main purpose of the Syria peace negotiations in Astana next week is to ensure that humanitarian assistance can be provided throughout the country.

TO : Priority in the talks will be given to having a ceasefire in which will save lives and bring in humanitarian aid.

The Syrian president said members of the armed groups “should refuse from arms and receive the governmental amnesty.”

“This is the only we should be expecting at this time,” he said. “We hope, Astana will be a platform for contacts between all the Syrian sides, where all issues will be discussed.”

“I think, in the beginning the talks will focus on ceasefire and protection of civilians, on allowing humanitarian assistance to the regions,” he said. “As yet it is not clear whether a political dialogue will take place at the conference in Astana.”

“We are still unaware of who [representing the opposition] will participate in the talks,” the Syrian president said.