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BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:50 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) held strong at the Deir Ezzor Airport on Wednesday after the Islamic State (ISIS) launched their fourth attack at this military installation in the past five days.

ISIS began the day by simultaneously storming the military airport’s northern flank and Panorama Roundabout area, resulting in a fierce battle with the Syrian Arab Army’s “Qassem Group” for most of the day on Wednesday.

Despite repeatedly attacking the Harabish District and cemetery near the military airport, the Islamic State was unable to breach the Syrian Arab Army’s front-lines, forcing them to eventually withdraw their assault by nightfall.


The video footage above shows the Syrian Arab Army repelling the terrorist group’s primary assault on Wednesday near the Deir Ezzor Airport.

According to a military source in Damascus, the soldiers at the Deir Ezzor Airport reported that as many as 40 Islamic State terrorists were killed during last night’s attack, including a large number of foreign combatants.

The military source added that the Islamic State’s primary assault is now over; this comes after a successful five day operation in which the terrorist group managed to besiege the airport from three sides.