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This evening, jihadist rebels launched a surprise offensive in Latakia, targeting Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions near the strategic town of Kinsibba on the Turkmen Mountains (Jabal al-Turkmen).

The offensive started with heavy artillery and missile shelling on the hills of Tall Rasha and Ruwysat Rasho; these attacks served as a warning to the Syrian forces to prepare their defences.

Initally, due to the heavy shelling by the jihadist rebels, SAA withdrew their forces from Ruwysat Rasho aiming to avoid unnecesary casualties.

The Syrian Armed Forces are currently engaging in combat in order to recapture this postion; no gains by the rebels have been reported so far.

This suprise rebel offensive was spearheaded by militants from the so-called “Turkistan Islamic Party” (TIP); On the other side, the counter-offensive by Syrian forces was led by the Syrian Marines.

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