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24 civilians were killed in Al-Bab on Thursday as the Turkish Army and Turkish Airforce continued their three-month long bombardment on the eastern Aleppo city.

Sadly, the collateral damage included 11 children, 8 women and 5 men, all non-combatants trapped inside the Islamic State controlled city amid on ongoing siege.

The state-funded Syrian news agency SANA published the story based on local sources which could not be independently verified by Al-Masdar News; nevertheless, the government outlet stressed that most shells struck residential neighborhoods indiscriminately in what could be considered a massacre.

Clashes between and Turkish-backed Al-Hamza Brigade (Free Syrian Army) in Al-Bab today.

Previously, ISIS has also published footage from the city showing the deadly aftermath of Turkish attacks on the city.

Over 400 civilians have died in the battle for Al-Bab while the Turkish Army and aligned Syrian rebels are still trying to definitively break through ISIS’ defenses in the city.

According to the rebel-friendly Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 34 civilians were killed in Al-Bab on Thursday alone.