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BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:05 P.M.) – The Islamic State’s (ISIS) marathon-like retreat across the eastern countryside of Aleppo continued on Wednesday, as the Syrian Arab Army forces liberated another village north of the terrorist group’s stronghold.

Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab managed to liberate the village of Jinah Saleh in east Aleppo today, killing and wounding scores of Islamic State terrorists in the process of this latest advance.

With Jinah Saleh under their control, the Syrian Arab Army is steadily closing off the Deir Hafer Plain from the Turkish Army in order to forestall their expansion eastward between their front-lines and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Tuesday that his forces will go to the strategic city of Menbeij after Al-Bab; this will result in a direct confrontation with the Kurdish forces if they do not leave the area.

However, this is not likely to have any influence on the Syrian Arab Army and their military operation, as they plan to expand southeast towards the Tabaqa Military Airport.