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Every time there are Peace Talks more innocent Syrians die.

Peace talks are a way of helping the ISIS and Al Nusra. UN fail to condemn acts of terror when it is in Syria.

Syria should refuse to take part in any Peace Talks as they are futile. Terrorists don’t want peace. Syria is not the first and will not be the last. ISIS will not give up until it has spread Sharia Law all over the world.

They have infiltrated Europe and Australia for years. Syria is just the beginning and with Mistura and the UN in denial of terrorist aggression. The Homs car bomb attack which happened on the same day as the Peace Talks, was aimed at disrupting the Peace Talks.

Dr. Bashar Al Jaafai says that those who do not condemn terrorist attacks, are the ones who are supporting the terrorists.

This video talks about the terrorists.


Below: Update on the liberation of Palmyra on the 2nd March 2017.