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Saudi Arabia and Qatar using their wealth to spread terrorism and Sharia Law.

Qatar is funding new mosques around the world in areas where there are only a handful of muslims, in preparation for the influx. Young men from poor countries and without jobs are being paid to attend the mosques to pray five times a day. Young women are being paid as much as 350 euros a month to cover up and spread the word.

Mosques are being used to recruit Jihadists to go and fight in the name of Islam. It is going on all over the world and your government is letting it happen. Governments are being paid off by Saudi Arabia. Qatar is even building a palace for its Royal Family in the heart of London. Britain and the United States continue to sell them weapons and help them in their wars.

This is all heading towards the planet becoming  ruled by Saudi Arabia and Sharia Law and your government is letting it happen.