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The pilot of the downed Syrian fighter jet, Mehmet Sufhan, has said his plane was shot down forcing it to crash into Turkey, Turkey’s Haber-7 television channel said on Sunday.

The 56-year old officer revealed to Turkish authorities that he had taken off from Syria’s Latakia to conduct operations against terrorist forces Idlib. However, shortly after takeoff, the jet was targeted by the terrorist forces.

A single bullet shot by the terrorist forces struck the engine of the jet, leading to engine failure.

He is now at a Turkish hospital after ejecting and landing resulting in him receiving injuries to his spine, feet and face. Medics have claimed however that he is in satisfactory condition.

The accident took place on Saturday evening when the Syrian warplane disappeared from the radars near the border with Turkey, but according to the governor of Turkey’s Hatay province, Erdal Ata, it was not a border violation as the aircraft crashed due to a technical or some other reason, TASS reported.

Turkey’s Dogan news agency claimed that the fighter jet might have been shot down by militants near the settlement of Maarat Mirin located some ten kilometers off the border with Turkey.