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BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:00 A.M.) – The Pentagon has dismissed reports that it struck a mosque in an airstrike in western Aleppo province, but rather it targeted a nearby building full of Al-Qaeda militants.

Most reports have suggested that 42 civilians were killed when US airstrikes hit a mosque full of worshipers on Thursday night.

The Pentagon has released an image that corroborates their claim (seen above).

“The mosque is still standing and relatively unscathed,” Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis claimed.

“The building we targeted was adjacent” and the strike “clearly hit the intended target,” he added.

However, Abu Muhammed, a village resident, told the AFP news agency that he “heard powerful explosions when the mosque was hit.”

“It was right after the prayer at a time when there is usually religious lessons for men in it,” Muhammed added.

Meanwhile, Turkey has said that the airstrikes no doubt hit a mosque and constituted as a war crime.