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An Israel Air Force F-15 taking off. Photo by Daniel Bar-On

Israel’s interests in Syria are clear, and Tel Aviv wants to make sure it influences the outcome as the war starts winding down.

Throughout the course of the war in Syria, the Israeli air force has illegally violated Syrian airspace and bombed targets in Syria several times.

One of the latest incidents was a strike near Palmyra, which is far deeper into Syria than Israeli jets have penetrated in the past. Israel claims its strikes are targeting Hezbollah supply convoys.

The Russian government did not sit idly by this time, summoning Israel’s ambassador in Moscow to provide an explanation for another violation of Syria’s sovereignty – one which presumably could endanger Russian forces in Syria.

Israel’s interest in Syria is clear: they’d like to see one of the last Arab leaders who will stand up to Israeli policy disappear (“Assad must go”) and Syria itself disintegrate (virtually or actually) along ethnic and religious lines – just as Iraq and Lebanon have.

The Duran’s Peter Lavelle says increased intervention on the part of Israel is a sure sign the war in Syria is coming to a close:

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