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by Chris Tomson

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (7:25 P.M.) – US-supplied anti-tank missiles are taking their toll on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), inflicting dozens over casualties over the past few days.

On Monday afternoon, Jaish al-Izza (Free Syrian Army faction) launched a TOW missile towards a unit of SAA troops inside the newly liberated village of Maazraf, killing a number of government soldiers in the process.

: FSA fighters launch an anti-tank missile at a gathering of SAA troops stationed inside , scoring a direct hit & killing many.

In the video, FSA militants said the troops were Iranians; however, this has become a common phrase among rebels for anyone fighting on behalf of Bashar Al-Assad.

Similar footage emerging over the past week shows the destruction of a T-55 tank and an upgraded T-62 tank along with an alleged 150 SAA soldiers in one instance.

Brand new HD map of northern Hama here.