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US-Led Coalition Denies Involvement in Daquq Airstrikes Against Civilians

© AP Photo/ Bram Janssen

The fact that the Bundeswehr is involved in the operation of the US-led international coalition against Daesh is not new. The shocking revelation, however, is that German forces could be involved in the bombings that deliberately target the civilian population.

In an interview with Sputnik Germany, former fighter pilot and NATO air warfare planner Ulrich Scholz revealed that airstrikes in conflict zones often take place even when the military staff knows in advance that they will lead to casualties among civilians.But the most cynical thing is that there are so-called legal advisors who check every potential goal of the international anti-Daesh coalition to determine how many civilians might be killed due to the bombing. The advisors are usually representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or other federal government officials and lawyers.

“They say that it is allowed to kill up to 10 people. This is called minimizing civilian casualties,” Scholz told Sputnik Germany. “Thus, we accept collateral damage. We allow the killings of the civilian population,” he added.

On Thursday, the DPA news agency reported that the German Air Forces likely provided the US-led coalition with reconnaissance photographs, which allegedly helped facilitate a deadly airstrike that hit a school near the Syrian city of Raqqa on March 22. According to media reports, the airstrike killed up to 33 people, including civilians, making the act a violation of international humanitarian law.

At the same time, Scholz noted that this is classic behavior during airstrikes conducted by the US or NATO. In an asymmetric war against a regular army, organizations such as Daesh have no other chance to survive but to mix up with the civilian population.

According to the former NATO employee, in case of the recent airstrikes in Raqqa, “the expected collateral damage was taken into account from the very beginning, including from the German side.”On March 22, the Syrian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the US-led coalition’s airstrike resulted in the death of civilians. However, on Tuesday, coalition commander Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend said that the report about civilian casualties resulting from the coalition’s operation near Raqqa were unlikely to be credible.

Germany was said to have provided reconnaissance and not carried out attacks in Syria as part of the US-led coalition.