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Convicted criminal spreading propaganda for a terrorist group in the name of SOHR

Only weeks after a terrorist attack in London the BBC continue to put out FAKE news from Al Qaeda.

The story will not be repeated on this site as the source if from SOHR and White Helmets showing FAKE films. Al Qaeda are saying that Russia or Syria has dropped chlorine on them. The story is showing old re-cycled films made by the terrorist groups. Every single story put out by these Al Qaeda mouthpieces has been proven FAKE.

The BBC have been getting all their news about Syria from this three time convicted criminal who is an ISIS sympathiser, living in Coventry for the last 7 years now.

The BBC obviously supports ISIS and Al Qaeda and next time there is a bomb attack in Britain you can blame the BBC for inciting war and supporting terrorism.

These reports only happen when the Syrian Arab Army are almost wiping out the terrorists. These lies are a call for reinforcements for ISIS as they systematically wiped out.

To think that Britons have to pay to watch this shit, or go to jail.