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It Didn’t Take Long For Trump to Become a Warmonger Taken in by ISIS Fake Films.

Will Trump go down in history as the President who started WW3 based on a terrorist FAKE film

Donald Trump is not doing what he preaches. The man who says to check the source of FAKE news! Well the source of the chemical attack comes from Al Qaeda terrorist sympathiser Abdul Rahman, aka Rami Abdulrahman, aka Osama Suleiman, who writes in the name of SOHR.

How easy it is for ISIS to change US Foreign policy with FAKE films. There is no evidence of an attack or even that anyone is killed; only terrorist say so. How easy it is to suck America into being their puppets.

There is no evidence of an attack, but there is plenty of evidence that terrorist groups have chemical weapons, as there is plenty of footage of them using it.

Assad gave up all of the chemical weapons in Syria at great expense to the US, so that he could not be blamed for terrorist chemical attacks. Yet ISIS continue to make the claims and dumb Americans believe them. It now looks as if ISIS can twist Trump around their little finger. If he can easily be swayed by obviously FAKE ISIS films like this, then they will control him.

It is surprising that the home of Hollywood cannot tell the difference between real news and a poorly made FAKE film, but then again Hollywood has lost all credibility once it gave Al Qaeda’s White Helmets an Oscar.

The Democrats have tried everything to take Trump into a war with Russia and now it looks like they have succeeded.

In 2015 Obama planned a chemical attack on Syria to blame on Assad, is Trump now following on from Obama.

Terrorists Kidnap Syrians prior to each Chemical Attack

This fake chemical attack is similar to the very first chemical attack, or is it just a coincidence that just before each chemical attack innocent civilians are kidnapped from their homes by terrorist groups. In the first attack they were kidnapped by the FSA and this was followed by a chemical attack in Ghouta, which they tried to blame on the government. It was suspected that the FSA used the kidnapped people in this attack. Now the same thing has happened again. Earlier this week citizens were kidnapped from Khattab by Al Qaeda and now another chemical attack.

There is no doubt the films put out by Al Qaeda are of their own making and their own killing. All of the FAKE films follow the same pattern and leave more questions than answers.

  • They are all filmed in terrorist held areas.
  • There are never any women in the films.
  • Always a lot of men rushing around but doing nothing constructive.
  • Terrorists posing as doctors, obviously with no idea what they are doing.
  • White helmets in a film, as they have been proven to be fake.

This attack has all the hallmarks of being FAKE so why has Donald Trump been taken in by the most FAKE, FAKE news of this year? The attack only took place to change Trump’s stance on Syria and they have succeeded.

This opens the door for more massacres to control Trump.