Its quite common these days people to compare Donald trump to Hitler. Chomsky, Louis and several politicians did so. For clues search Google by typing “Trump is Hitler,” you’ll get 25 Mn staggering search results. Nevertheless, Dalai Lama become the first religious figure to compare Trump to Hitler.

Dalai Lama says Trump shows psychopathic behaviours which are similar to that of Hilter. He made this statement in Zurich when he met 6500 Tibetans in Switzerland.
Speaking to media after a grand offering ceremony organised by Tibetan community in Switzerland, he made several comments on world politics including sovereignty of  Tibetan lands from Chinese rule.
When asked what he thinks of American politics where he has special interest he said “I see another Hitler in the making”. He further added that Trump is a great threat to humanity.
“If American people vote for Trump, it will be the end of great Amarican civilisation”  he said.
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