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Un-elected Ivanka Trump convinces Daddy to start WW3 based on a lie

The US has a new face of evil in the name of Ivanka Trump, who talked her father into bombing Syria. Daddy’s little girl has proven how un-intelligent she is on world matters that she immediately believed ISIS propaganda, which has now paved the way for more terrorist chemical attacks on children in Syria, to encourage more attacks by Trump.

Bimbo Ivanka: “The times we live in demand difficult decisions. Proud that my father refuses to accept these frightful crimes against humanity, “she said. Proof of how easily she believes terrorist propaganda and fake news. It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to start believing ‘Fake News’, which has even turned his supporters against him.

This is worse than negotiating with terrorists, once they know they can manipulate the US government by killing innocent children in a chemical attack, they will do it again.

Heartless Ivanka is following in the footsteps of Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton as cold hearted killers. The only difference being is that Ivanka Trump is not an elected politician, but has a father who is president and will do anything his little girl wants, even if it leads to a world war.

How can we forget Albright’s cold words, regarding  the the children killed in the Iraqi war, that was based on a lie.  Now we have bimbo Ivanka, believing ISIS propaganda which will lead to thousands more children being killed.