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A suicide bombing carried out by anti-government groups in Syria is responsible for the deaths of at least 68 children – who were reportedly lured towards the bomb with treats.

The blast in Aleppo has killed at least 126 people, according to The Sun. The outlet also states that many of the children killed were lured towards the bomb with the promise of snacks.

The death toll and the fact that children were specifically targeted is being massively ignored by the mainstream media and one CNN reporter even seemed to refer to it as a “hiccup.”

People on Twitter haven’t missed out on the fact that the people who allegedly carried out this attack were not government agents or pro-Assad terrorists but instead members of anti-Assad terror networks – “rebels.”

According to The Sun, the animals responsible for the horrendous bombing lured kids to a van with ‘crisps…

“A van was distributing crisps…. Children started running after it. It then exploded.”

There is even video of local hospitals being overwhelmed by children injured by the blast…

Video: Aleppo hospital overwhelmed by injured children following suicide bombing

Many people pointed out that the people that carried out this attack were not the ones targeted by 49 Tomahawk missiles…

Dear @SenJohnMcCain

Your moderate ISLAMIC rebels did this in Aleppo. And they specifically targeted children in the suicide bombing. https://twitter.com/Independent/status/853597087749074946 

I’m waiting for a “humanist” Hayley in UN to show photos of bodies torn apart by the suicide bombing in Aleppo. Let’s check it for humanism😡

According to CNN, it was just a hiccup…

Some people have called out the mainstream media for ignoring the attack…

68 refugee children killed near Aleppo and the media and govt are silent bc they weren’t paid to make you care about this one

Sheer horror in Aleppo today. Moderate rebels have attacked Shia civilians.At least 100 people DEAD. This news is not getting much coverage🤔