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Bribing militants to shun peace talks — what a great use of your tax money!

What are the ‘good folks’ at the CIA, normally found smuggling crack cocaine into Los Angeles, doing these days?

Al Jazeera with the answer:

Another FSA source told Al Jazeera that Turkey and the US are still to decide what form the new rebel command will assume and added that pressure is exerted on other rebel factions to join it.

He also said that in January the CIA told FSA factions it was funding not to join the Moscow-sponsored Astana talks in which Turkey participated along with Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime. High-level US officials did not attend the talks.

Paying militants not to come to the negotiating table — your tax dollars hard at work.Yeah, it’s a conflict with 300,000 dead and 6 million refugees so far, but there can’t be peace if Moscow is going to get some credit for it. Washington would sooner burn Syria to the ground than have Russia (!) clean up its mess. Russia! No, never.