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Trump is quick to blame Assad for crossing a red line and using chemical weapons, without an ounce of evidence, while the US continues to use chemical weapons themselves.

White Phosphorous and depleted uranium are banned, but it doesn’t stop the US from using them. In Syria and Yemen the US are using chemical weapons and trying to cover it up by using a false flag in Syria to blame Assad for something that was done by the US. Far from being a peacemaker, Donald Trump is looking for any excuse to go to war. The TV reality star was to put his name down in history as starting WW3.

The US have dropped depleted uranium on Serbia, Kosovo, Iraq and now Syria. Where is the condemnation of this. In Italy UN soldiers are dying  from cancer after being contaminated by the uranium while serving in Kosovo. The Italians should be suing the US for the deaths. Instead they are blaming the Italian government for not giving them the protection needed against uranium. How was the Italian government to know that the Americans had been illegally dropping uranium on Kosovo. To this day the US are still trying to cover this up.

The US should be condemned for its constant use of Chemical weapons. Whenever the US starts blaming Assad for something you can guarantee they are only doing it to cover up the crimes against humanity that they are doing themselves. You can read the US war machine like a book now, as every demand for peace talks in Syria is followed by a US directed massacre. When US politicians travel around the world meeting leaders, they are drumming up support for another war they are planning to start.

Only a country that has killed its own people, would even think of trying to blame a leader of another country of killing his own people.

The US has killed 400,000 innocent people in Syria so far, so that they can blame it on Assad and be used as an excuse for an invasion to take control of the country. The US thought the use of terrorists to do their dirty work, would happen within a year. Calling Assad liar, for saying there were terrorists in Syria. The US were calling it all a conspiracy theory, until ISIS crossed from Syria into Iraq. Then they US called them terrorists in Iraq and Rebels in Syria.

The US is planning another chemical weapon attack in Syria to blame on President Assad, all because Trump has said that if Assad crosses a red line, he will bomb Syria again. Just like Obama before him, Trump now has the blood on his hands of all the dead children in Syria.