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According to the leaked information obtained by Russian daily Izvestia; Brig.-Gen. Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation held a 2-hour tense meeting with the Saudi emissary Col. Mouhammad bin Sultan Al-Mutairi

The meeting was purportedly imbued with resentment as the Russian general went into a long diatribe, lambasting the Saudi regime for its nefarious role and  execrable support for Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in the Middle-East region.

The Saudi envoy, for his part, criticized Russian unequivocal support for the Syrian beleaguered president Bashar al-Assad, saying that Moscow made the Syrian dictator to cling more tenaciously to power. Ignoring the Russian heavy military presence in Syria, The Saudi military attaché has warned the Russian top brass regarding an imminent Saudi-led ground invasions of Syria which caused Gen. Gerasimov to be further infuriated.

“…what an asinine remark! our state-of-the-art S-400 missile system in Damascus can shot down your fighter planes like mosquitoes and our smallest Army music band can vanquish your entire army which is consisted of nothing but Pakistani mercenaries,” the Russian top military chief who took umbrage at Saudi official’s threats responded indignantly, adding that Moscow can no longer tolerate Saudi regime deliberately sabotaging peace process in Syria.

The eerie part of Izvestia’s report is when the Saudi attaché has allegedly claimed that those Chechen terrorists who carried out recent suicide attacks in St. Petersburg’s subway were controlled by radical Wahabbi clerics in Saudi Arabia.

The S-400 batteries, currently positioned at the Damascus and Latakia basses in Syria, cover a broad stretch of air space over northern and central Syria and can pose a serious challenge to any possible Saudi aerial campaign.

I shall make sure, added Gen. Gerasimov, you [Saudis] and your terrorists suffer a humiliating defeat in Syria and elsewhere if you opt to continue providing financial aid and weapons to rebels in Syria or sending al-Qaeda terrorists to our southern Muslim republics.