The Rabbit Hole

Sources for “Arab 21” state a proposal was sponsored by Britain and the United States of America, for the formation of autonomy in southern Syria.

According to the sources, the proposal includes a provision independent of the Syrian government, in the provinces of Daraa and Sweida, where several meetings were held between the leaders of the Jordanian clans who are related to local residents in Daraa presented to them this proposal.

According to private information received by “Arab 21”, one of the military commanders, who asked not to be named, this proposal is still within the framework of public debates, but is rejected by faction leaders in Houran.

In the Houran area, a number of projects have recently been launched calling for the establishment of self-government in the country, most recently the “autonomy project for the southern region of Syria”, which bears no name or sign, and calls for the…

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