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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (6:00 P.M.) – Fierce battles continue to rip through the northern countryside of Hama as government forces snatch more land from the rebel groups.

With the government forces reaching the southern administrative borders of the jihadists-controlled Idlib province, several towns and villages which have for long served as rebel bastions have fallen to the Syrian troops.

Even though the Syrian Army has undisputedly achieved a victory from a military perspective, the advance was both difficult and costly with the jihadi rebels fighting back to maintain a foothold in the central province.

The FSA-affiliated factions fighting the Syrian Army alongside the jihadi groups released footages showing their fighters targeting the government troops in Ma’an and Halfaya.

Video 1: The Free Syrian Army’s ‘Central Division’ fires TOW missile at fuel tanker near Maan but narrowly missed its target and hit a trench instead.

Video 2: The Free Syrian Army’s ‘Jaish Al-Izza’ launches dozens of GRAD rockets on Halfaya; their former bastion now under Syrian Army control.