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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (11:30 P.M.) – Facing overwhelming odds, the Islamic State proved unable to withhold a Kurdish onslaught in western Raqqa as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) secured over half of Tabqa city today.

Sweeping through the city center, Kurdish forward units were able to impose full control over the small neighborhoods of Al-Mahaci, Al-Buserab, Abu Es, Keniseya Asuriyan, Al-Kasara and Al-Mashir.

Effectively, around 60% of Tabqa city has been brought under Kurdish control while the US-led coalition continuously conducts air raids against ISIS militants in the northern sector.

Some 14 ISIS militants were killed on Sunday while a SDF source said their forces had captured a large quantity of ammunition and armaments from hostile jihadist belligerents.

Given the current rate of advance, the battle for Tabqa city is expected to end within a few weeks as besieged ISIS militants must either raise the white flag or fight to the last man.

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