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BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 P.M.) – Footage released on Wednesday shows Russian doctors operating on and offering medical assistance to patients in a Russian Defence Ministry medical facility in Aleppo.

Deputy Head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Special Purpose Medical Unit, Valeri Gasparyan, explained that an outpatient medical centre assists about 100 patients per day, who stated “In the city of Aleppo, there is a medical detachment in three directions. One of these areas is an outpatient medical centre. Every day, an outpatient medical center assists about 100 patients.”

He added, “There are few operative interventions, receptions of narrow specialists, a paediatrician, a therapist. There are operational diagnostic aids, in particular X-ray room, ultrasound cabinet and a laboratory.”

The special unit detachment reportedly receives over 200 patients every day, with the Russian hospital employing more than 100 people.