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Barack Obama traveled to Italy to make a speech on climate change with a ton of gas guzzling vehicles.

Former POTUS Barack Obama touched down in Milan, Italy on Monday for a two-day visit to coincide with the third edition of the “Seeds & Chips – The Global Food Innovation Summit.”

Obama was met by Italian air force representatives at Linate military airport, before transferring to the city centre in a 14 car convoy with a massive security entourage.

Obama took a “carbon-friendly” private jet to Milan, Italy, before making his way to the city center in a “gas-free” 14 car convoy, which included protection from a “eco-friendly” helicopter, as well as multiple “electric” SUVs, “water-powered” police cars, and “energy friendly” motorcycles.

Always traveling in a humble manner, conscious to not disturb local city resources from performing their daily functions…300 police officers were used to protect the former president.

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