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I came back to Syria as an adult in the 1990s for most of a decade to live and work in Damascus (also do my military service requirement). I used to take bus loads of foreign diplomats on tours, without any escort, including the US Ambassador
1. No crime.
2. No government check points.
3. No homeless.
4. Free education.
5. Health care
6. One of the top 5 safest places on earth.
7. Illiteracy eradicated.
8. Infant mortality rate way down.
9. Pluralist society, all religions, and nationalities living and working together.
10. Antiquity, and beauty beyond belief.
11. Dancing, night clubs, tourists welcome, and free to travel throughout the country.
12. Laughter, and happy playing children.
13. Woman had all the rights as men, free to drive, let their hair blow in the wind, live and work alone. Take a swim in a bikini.
Tell me again, what the Coalition is trying to fix? I will tell you. NOTHING> The Coalition is there to destroy and steal. Plain and simple. Please take a few minutes, to question the lies.

Fredi Hazeem