BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:50 A.M.) – The Russian-trained ISIS Hunters released a video on Sunday, vowing to liberate every inch of Syria from groups they refer to as terrorists.

“We will continue with such achievements until we liberate every the very last piece of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Ameer Ahmad Ahmad of the ISIS Hunters stated in the video.

announce that soon the very last piece of the Syrian Arab Republic will be liberated

Ahmad then issued a stern warning to U.S. President, Donald Trump, telling him that their forces are ready to fight anyone he sends to interfere in Syria.

“To the United States and precisely Trump, you have saved many of those mercenaries in prisons and sent those same criminals to be buried on our lands. Our arms are waiting for them on this holy land. We will hunt them as long as they are on this land; we will hunt them wherever they are. They will never be able to hide from us,” Ahmad stated.

“Trump, you could not face us man-to-man, so you sent us your missiles from thousands of kilometres away, but they have not affected us and we remain in high spirits. We are ready to fire back at moment,” Ahmad added.