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SANA’A, YEMEN (1:10 A.M.) – Saudi activists on social media reported hearing sounds of explosions in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, not so long after Sana’a government forces launched “Burkan-2” ballistic missile towards Riyadh this evening.

Local Yemeni news outlets cited a number of Saudi Twitter activists tweeting in Arabic language. Al-Masdar News correspondent in Sana’a translated some of them:

Jassem bin Mohammed, a Saudi activist, posted on his Twitter page, “A huge explosion shook Riyadh area before Trump’s visit amid panic, fear and rumours that this was a Yemeni ballistic missile, and it comes right before the arrival of the American guest [Trump], and this is the message they wanted to deliver to us.”

“We have heard a sound that terrified residents in Riyadh,” another columnist wrote. “A huge explosion rocked the Saudi capital of Riyadh and a giant fire outbroke as result of a ballistic missile strike.”

Earlier, Yemeni Army’s missile division based in Sana’a announced the launch of a ballistic missile type “Burkan-2” (“Vulcan-2”) on the Saudi capital.

The Saudi-led coalition said later it had downed a Houthi missile in the southern Saudi province of Ar Rayn well to the west of Riyadh. The area is open desert and there were no casualties, the official Saudi news agency SPA said.

This comes just hours before US President Donald Trump is about to begin his international trip to Saudi Arabia where he is going to meet with more than 37 Arab and Muslim leaders, seeking to form a new alliance to fight what they [Gulf Arab leaders] call “Iranian expansion in the region”, and also struggle against terrorism.

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In the same context, the Yemeni capital of Sana’a has been witnessing intensive buzzing for about an hour, as Saudi Air Force launched intensive raids on missile bases in Attan mountain near Presidential Palace of Sana’a.