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Damascus, SANA – The third stage of the settlement agreement in Barzeh neighbourhood at the eastern outskirts of Damascus was completed on Saturday afternoon, paving the way for the return of the state institutions to the area.

Damascus Governor Bishr al-Sabban said that the third stage of the settlement agreement, which provides for ending the armed manifestations in the neighborhood, was concluded with the exit of 2,672 persons, including 1,076 militants.

Earlier today, SANA’s reporter said that a number of buses gathered at the assigned area for transporting the third batch of militants and some of their family members who reject the settlement agreement in Barzeh neighborhood in a step towards transporting them to the northern countryside.

On May 12th, the second stage of the reconciliation agreement in Barzeh and Tishreen neighbourhoods was finished as 1,246 persons including 718 militants left the area and headed for the northern countryside.