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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2:30 P.M.) – Four ISIS insurgents conducted a special operation behind enemy lines in Diyala province on Sunday, targeting a military base used by Iraqi and US personnel not far from the Iranian border.

According to Amaq Agency, the 4 so-called Inghimasi (suicide assault troops) militants managed to sneak into Karkoush military base and open fire on Iraqi troops who were caught completely off-guard.

After clashes persisted for an astonishing seven hours, the ISIS militants finally detonated their explosive belts. In the aftermath of the attack, 13 military vehicles were destroyed and dozens of soldiers reportedly burned alive inside them, Amaq claimed.


Amaq said it could not verify whether American soldiers were among the dead. However, Karkoush is known to be military base where US forces train Iraqi recruits for combat.

Meanwhile, an Iraqi military source informed Al-Masdar News that the attack had indeed taken place. However, the source stressed that two suicide bombers were killed outside the base while two others managed to blow up inside Karkoush military base.

Diyala is a religiously diverse province located in eastern Iraq. Although ISIS does not control any actual territory, it does maintain a strong underground presence in the border governorate.