by Ivan Castro

New forms of what is usually called “Police brutality” are being demonstrated in Turkey as law enforcers crack down on demonstrators protesting the detention of academics who went on hunger strike about three weeks ago.

Turkish activists published a raw video footage that shows several detained protesters suffocating inside a police van after one of the policemen threw a tear gas canister in the vehicle:

Protests began in Ankara on Monday, after Turkish authorities had issued orders to detain Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, two lecturers who have been on hunger strike for 18 days now.

Gülmen was fired from Konya Selçuk University for her alleged ties to the Gülen movement. Özakça was a teacher at a primary school in Turkey’s eastern province of Mardin before he was purged over ties to a terrorist organisation.

Sources used: TurkeyPurge.com