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Syrian MoD: Army Liberated 30 Villages In Eastern Aleppo, Killed High Number Of Top ISIS Members

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The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued an official statement announcing the current result of the government advance in the eastern Aleppo countryisde. According to the statement, government forces have liberated the Jirah military airport and more than 30 villages and locations in the area since the start of the operation.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces continued advancing in the eastern Aleppo countryside and managed to capture the villages of Al-Batousheia, Al-Salheia, Jubbab Massaud Kabir, Jubbab Massaud Sagie and Al-Shamaria after violent clashes with ISIS militants. By this, The SAA is in 6 km from the town of Maskanah, which is the main objective of the operation.

The Ministry of Defense also announced that the operation has so far resulted in the death and wounding of more than 3,000 ISIS militants and the destruction of 19 tanks, 5 BMP-1 and 11 VBIED vehicles, and 6 guns. The Syrian Air Force destroyed 9 ammunition depots, two communications center and 61 field operations headquarters.

Of the foreign fighters who have been killed in the operation of the eastern Aleppo countryside so far:

  • Abu Oday al-Iraqi, Iraqi Nationality: military commander of ISIS terrorist organization in the eastern countryside.
  • Mahmoud Abd Al-Jabbar Ben Hassan, nicknamed Abu Al-Walid al-Tunisi, Tunisian Nationality: Chief Justice of the eastern countryside.
  • The Saudi nationals field commanders : Abd al-Rahman Mutawa’ al-Dakhil, Abu Muhammad al-Najdi and Sultan Abdullah.
  • The Iraqi field commanders : Magali Nizal Qarash Bash and Sufian Mohammed Aboush.
  • Abu Musab al-Masri: the minister of war of ISIS terrorist organization.
  • Abu Abdullah Mohammed Sameeh Al-Kusri, Saudi Nationality: the “Amir” of Al-Hesba in the eastern countryside.