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The Israeli funders of the Terrorists shake hands with their supporters

The uncle of ISIS speaks out against Russia.


If Zbigniew Brzezinski was the Godfather of Al Qaeda, then John McCain can rightly be called the uncle of ISIS.

While McCain certainly did not create ISIS (that was Saudi-CIA handy work), McCain gave ISIS the support and cover every good uncle provides their nephew, allowing the jihadist terror group to run amok in the Middle East, and even spread throughout Europe fulfilling the globalist chaos agenda.

McCain coming out in defense of ISIS should come as no surprise.

Zerohedge reports that while visiting Australia, outspoken warmonger Sen. John McCain told ABC TV that Russia is a bigger security threat than Islamic State, based on its willingness to challenge the democratic foundations of the U.S. by interfering in elections.

The visit to Australia by the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee was part of an Asia tour to outline a blueprint for the U.S. to invest nearly $8 billion bulking up its military presence in the region by upgrading infrastructure, conducting additional exercises and deploying more forces and ships. Mr. McCain’s visit also was aimed at reassuring allies about U.S. willingness to remain engaged in Asia, both as a check against China’s increasing assertiveness in the South China Sea and on North Korea’s nuclear program.

The Wall Street Journal adds that warmonger McCain said Russian President Vladimir Putin was the “premier” challenge to American security.

“I think ISIS can do terrible things and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith,” he told Australian ABC state television Monday.

But it’s the Russians who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy, and that is to change the outcome of an American election.”

Zerohedge further notes…

It seems the arch-neocon just cannot get his story straight as McCain recently walked back comments that the controversy surrounding investigations into potential collusion between associates of President Donald Trump and the Russian government had reached “Watergate size and scale,” saying he had seen no evidence Russia had succeeded in swaying the U.S. presidential-election process.

So just to clarify, Russians are worse than lawless terrorists killing hundreds of people (including 8 year old girls) in the name of their god, paid for by Qatari and Saudi funds? Far be it from us to judge – but perhaps Mr. McCain needs a perspective transplant, and stop saying utterly ridiculous things.