Graphic: ISIS Hunters repel ISIS assault along Homs-Palmyra highway


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BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:11 P.M.) – The ISIS Hunter units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled a surprise attack conducted by fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) along the Homs Palmyra highway. The fierce attack targeted positions of the ISIS Hunters at height 681 but was toppled by the swift reaction of the SAA’s forces, holding their ground.

According to the ISIS Hunter’s media channel, the aussault started in the early hours of Tuesday  with mortar shelling, that was followed by an attempt of the jihadist fighters equipped with heavy machine guns and RPGs to storm the position.

Combing the battle site later at dawn the successful defenders found multiple corpses of ISIS militants and could even capture one of the attackers alive, who was wounded in his stomach. Provided with medical assistance the jihadist was willing to give informations about the purpose of the ISIS attack.

He told his captors, that it was part of a reconnoissance mission, supposed to gather intel for a planned offensive, destined to recapture Tiyas airbase and further advance to the gas fields at Al-Faraqlas. Effictively this operation would, if ISIS was to succeed, once again throw back the SAA’s efforts to secure the area around Palmyra and advance to Deir Ezzor, because it would cut the highway connecting Homs with Palmyra.

Control of this highway is important for the supply of troops at the frontlines, but recently the SAA succeeded in reopening the route from Damascus to Palmyra. With this additional supply line an ISIS advance to Tiyas, would not necessarily bring the SAA offensive in the region to a halt.

But with ISIS Hunters proofing their steadfastness in the desert fight, they had been specially trained and equipped for by the Russian military, it is also questionable, if the ISIS forces, being on the backfoot in this region, are capable of launching an effectfull offensive.

The video below shows the aftermath of the failed ISIS assault (Graphic): WATCH VIDEO

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