Syrian Army batters US-backed fighters in Syrian Desert


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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (9: 15 A.M.) – The Syrian government forces have launched a fresh offensive against US-backed rebel groups in the desert land stretching to the east of the capital.

According to a military source, the Army troops clashed with the FSA-affiliated Ausoud al-Sharqiyah and Ahmed al-Abdo fighters holed up outside Dakwah and Beir Qassab villages, located to the east of Damascus International Airport.

The offensive aims at expanding the Army’s control around the Airport and securing the imperative Tishreen Power Plant (located between Dakwah and the Airport) which came under repeated rebel rocket attacks.

Elsewhere in the Syrian Desert, the government troops, backed by allied forces continue to snatch more territories from the Islamic State.

Two days ago, the Western-backed rebels said that six Russian jet fighters bombed their positions, thus halting advance against the government troops.


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