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(Rudaw) Turkish media reported today that two Turkish soldiers and one civilians have been injured in a car bomb attack in the southeastern province of Batman.
The attack happened on Friday in the Kozluk district targetting a military checkpoint.
No group has claimed responsibility, but the Turkish media have blamed it on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
A PKK-splinter group that has carried out several deadly attacks in Turkey vowed more “intense” activities and declared Turkey’s cities and tourist sites as its “battlegrounds,” the group said in a statement on Tuesday.
The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) published a statement on Tuesday: “The whole world should know that the Turkish government is our enemy.”
Turkish security forces are engaged in a renewed conflict with the PKK in the southeast of the country. At least 2,844 people have been killed in the renewed clashes since July 20, 2015 according to the International Crisis Group that is monitoring the conflict.
Of the casualties, 1,286 are PKK members, 944 are from the state security forces, 395 are civilians, and 219 are “youth of unknown affiliation,” individuals who could not be confirmed as civilians or PKK supporters.
Human rights groups report higher civilian casualty figures as well as mass displacement caused by the conflict and state demolishment of neighbourhoods.
Source: Rudaw