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President Assad does not need all the cavalcade of cars and body guards that the pathetic US Presidents have, because he is loved by his people.

The US don’t want you to see this, because they have painted him as an evil Dictator who kills his own people, which could not be further than the truth.

The only country that has killed its own people is the US, yet they transfer their evil deeds on other countries. The US is the only country to use nuclear weapons and the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons, think they are the only country that should be allowed to have them and use this as an excuse to invade other countries.

The US will go down in history as the most dangerous and most hated country on this planet. Enough is enough, we are all sick of the US interfering in what is happening in other countries. Trump travels to Saudi Arabia, which has been openly supporting ISIS and treats them like his new best friend. Iran that has done nothing but help Syria combat ISIS is now the number one enemy of America.

It was Saudi Arabians that flew into the twin towers on 9/11 as we all know, but the collaboration that US Presidents have had with Saudi Arabia since George Bush senior, leads to the conclusion that 9/11 was planned and executed by the US Government with the help of Saudi Arabia. Otherwise why with all the evidence overlooked and even Trump bows to the Saudi Royal Family.