Trump Far From Fighting ISIS he is Fighting For Them


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US-backed rebels kill, capture dozens of Syrian Army soldiers southeast of Damascus

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:30 P.M.) – After the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was bombarded by rebel rockets and American airstrikes on Thursday, a platoon of government troops was ambushed today by Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups operating in Rif Dimashq desert.

If one is to believe the FSA media wing of Osoud Al-Sharqiya, “dozens” of SAA soldiers were killed or captured near the village of Bir Qassab on Friday.

Rebel forces also retook the Bastema Hill which neighbours the Dawka area that was captured by the SAA yesterday. The Ahmad Al-Abdo Martyrs Brigade and Maghawir al-Thawara were also loosely involved in the FSA ambush and counter-attack.

In addition to the aforementioned territorial advance, the US-backed FSA militants claimed to have shot dead an unnamed Brigadier General.

The Bir Qassab area will likely be the next target of the SAA’s ongoing offensive which looks to expel FSA insurgents from a pocket of desert territory on the provincial border between Sweida and Rif Dimashq.

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